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Weapon Ready For Rapture (NERDS ONLY)

According to Gunther von Harrigna, on May 21 “God will open up all the graves around the world… the entire surface of the earth will be littered with the decay of the people that died.”¬† If Harrigna and the rest … Continue reading

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3 Embarrassing Situations That Happen to Normal People

Have you ever thought “why me??!” in a perhaps petty situation? I do that on a daily basis, and usually it’s because of something out of my control or an¬†unforeseen¬†circumstance. Just the other day I had my cat, Monkey, poop … Continue reading

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Hello World!

First posts are about as awkward as a blind date or interview, so this time around I’ll be brief. I’m starting this blog to share crazy thoughts, stories and experiences. Expect organized chaos. I won’t be preachy, pretentious or try … Continue reading

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