About Samantha

Tidbits About Samantha

At the age of 22, I am nearing a B.A. in Strategic Communication from Ohio State. I’m ready to put on my big girl panties and enter the workforce. A freshly pressed yuppie if you will. I’m looking to stay in the Columbus area, as I’ve come to blindly adore this city.

When people say I’m one-of-a-kind, I would like to think they mean it in a good way.

I’m a foodie, wino (craft beer-o???), Italian enthusiast, crazy cat lady, nerd and gamer, feisty femme, and always young at heart. I do not, not, have a bed teeming with stuffed animals…

I know life should never be too serious and I’m happy to share some of the inane things I’ve done and seen for a chuckle on your behalf.

I’ve always had a knack for writing, and opting out to do so in the professional realm, I decided to begin some side projects. I decided to blog for the following:

  1. Share some of the crazy thoughts that present themselves in my brain quite often. Perhaps I am sharing these sometimes snarky, hilarious, crude or thoughtful feelings for simple validation that I’m not entirely insane and that my readers are along the same lines. I’m prepared to discover the former.
  2. Tell stories about my life that will ring true with you, ideally inspire or provoke thoughts, or at the very least make someone’s day better with an unfortunate story of my own life, usually involving copious amounts of cat poop.

I hope to reach at least a handful of followers. Down the road, feel free to start a cult in my honor, or throw a rock through my window with a taped note saying:


Feel free to comment below on with any thoughts, questions and whatnot, and check out my Contact section to get in touch.

Oh, and everything here is my own thoughts and opinions, mine and mine alone. ***


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